I’m so excited to welcome Megan Radford de Barrientos to the blog today! I have admired Megan’s work for years, she is a beautiful writer and the way she shares about her passions, always stretches me and helps me view things with a different perspective. I love her new book, The Minimal Makeup Bag, it’s such an interesting read, helped me consider new things, and got me excited to upgrade my make-up bag – minimalist style! P.S. She’s also my cousin, so that’s pretty cool too!

Read her beautiful post below, and click here to purchase her book! 

Guest post by Megan…

The Season of Enough

The other day, I found myself at the mall, searching for a new lipstick. I’ve just achieved a particular career milestone, so I thought I’d treat myself. On top of that, as a freelancer for one of the largest beauty conglomerates, I get a hefty discount this time of year. It was the perfect time for some frivolous shopping- or so I thought.

I tried dozens of lipsticks. Every one was beautiful. I tested blushes and lipliners, looked at glosses and eyeshadows. But, even though there were plenty of products I liked, I hesitated. I kept thinking of the perfectly lovely lipstick I already had in my purse, and the blush I’ve enjoyed for years in my makeup bag at home.

The deals were amazing, the products great, but when it came down to it, I realized that I already have enough.

During the Christmas season, it’s more obvious than ever that we are living in an age of infinite choice. There is a never-ending barrage of ads telling us that THIS will be the last lipstick we’ll ever need,or the most flattering pants we’ve ever put on. And while I believe that how you choose to present yourself to the world is a powerful expression of creativity, if we’re not careful, it can become just another form of overconsumption.

As a colour, style and beauty consultant, I try my very best to help clients wade through this sea of viral videos and advertisements to get to the heart of their closets and makeup bags- the things they will actually wear and use, and enjoy doing so! I use colour and style analysis as tools in my toolbox to help the women I work with hone in on what makes them unique. Because no makeup product or clothing item is one size fits all!

And if you already know what colours, styles and beauty products make you feel your best? Stick with them. Our culture tells us that we need to constantly reinvent ourselves, particularly at the start of a new year. I’m here to tell you that’s just another form of marketing.

At the end of my (not) shopping excursion, I couldn’t wait to get home to my cozy home with the twinkling Christmas tree, and curl up on the couch with my husband, baby boy and little dog. I’m so, so grateful for the blessings we have this Christmas. When I stop chasing sales, and start practicing a mindset of “enough”, that’s when this truly becomes the most magical time of year.

Megan Radford de Barrientos is a writer and style consultant living in Ottawa. Her new book, The Minimal Makeup Bag, is a comprehensive guide to curating a personalized small collection of beauty products that you will love down to their last drop!