I’m so excited to welcome Dan Barber to the blog today! Dan and I worked together in ministry about 15 years ago and we have kept in touch over the years and encouraged each other on our writing journeys! Dan is an author, life coach, entrepreneur, husband, father, and grandpa. With years of business, pastoral and private practice counselling experience, he brings practical wisdom to everyday challenges we all face.  He lives in Coldwater, Ontario, with his wife Kathy (and their family owns a chocolate factory which is super cool!) I appreciate Dan for the thoughtful way that he approaches life, and his excellent and relatable writing! Pick up his new book, Vantage Point, and be encouraged to live your best story!

Guest post by Dan Barber…

A few weeks ago, I went on my first group motorcycle, weekend road trip. It was a great time as we went through Tobermory and across to Manitoulin Island by ferry, then on to Blind River; all country I’d never been to before.

There were five of us riding and typically I would ride fourth, letting the more seasoned riders take the lead. (The other rider preferred the rear)

We exited the ferry around 8pm and had a few hours to our motel, so we would ride a couple of hours at nighttime, but the ride was awesome. The scenery was so beautiful, the weather perfect, and I just loved the ride.

At times the guys in front would roll on the throttle and take off. My Shadow 750 really can’t keep up with them (but I always say, I can’t keep up, but I will catch up) so there were times when I would be alone on the road.

Then, out of nowhere, in the dark, on a road I’d never been on before, going 70mph, for a split second, for a moment…

I couldn’t tell where the road was going!

Just for a moment. As I looked ahead, I just couldn’t anticipate where the road was. I don’t know if it was fatigue, the faint road lines, being new to the area or what. But I remember thinking to myself, “Where does this road go?”

I gotta tell you, the adrenaline rush was incredible and thankfully, as I crested a slight hill, I got my bearings and continued on my way with an audible, “Whew!”

Now, you might say that this was a dangerous and unnecessary situation to be in.

But I talk to lots of people, professionally, personally, and casually and it seems to me that many live every day, going all out, almost out of control, without really knowing where they are headed. And I’m convinced that’s just not a good way to be.

It’s one thing to open up on a motorcycle for a few minutes; it’s thrilling. But to live every day like that? Not so much.

The truth is, the motorcycle trip was planned, weeks in advance, options were considered, our route was mapped out and we prepared and packed accordingly.

But again, it seems many people don’t take the time to do this with their own lives.

This is why I wrote Vantage Point: Five Perspectives to Live a Better Story. 

If you’re running fast, but not sure where you’re headed…

If you’ve lost your way and not even sure where to begin to get your life back…

If you’re going through the motions without knowing why…

Then maybe it’s time to slow down, long enough to ask some important questions and to consider where you are headed.

If this is you, Vantage Point can help, and it’s coming out today, September 8, 2023 and you can order here

Thanks Dan! Friends, pick yourself up a copy, and be encouraged!