You did it.
You finally embraced yourself for who you are.
No more doubts.
Insecurities bashed.
Redeeming the hours wasted, thinking about all the things you weren’t.
Finally, fully walking into all that you are.
It took so much time to bash the lies and to believe the truth. To extinguish rejection that you let grow so deep.
Years of fighting the deep hurt and pain that tried to hold you back.
But you kept fighting, and looking towards the light even in the dark days.
Reminding yourself, that your true identity was set out by God and nothing could take that away.
You were all the things that He said you were. He was right about you, even when you couldn’t believe it yourself.
But you kept working, and pushing forward.
Finally, you tore out those bitter roots, and you made room for the good seeds to keep growing. You ripped out the weeds, and nurtured the truth.
Now you know, now you fully believe that you are wonderfully made.
Loved beyond measure.
God’s perfect creation, made in His image. For His purpose. Flourishing in this season and living fully in His light.
No more hiding in the shadows, but walking forward in confidence.
Finally, the person you’ve been called to be.