This is the most exciting blog I have ever posted!

My book is now available for pre-order!!! 

The Longest Goodbye – A family’s hope-filled journey through Alzheimer’s.

If you order now, you will get it shipped to you on the November 15th release day! 

A couple things…..

  • PRE-ORDER is SUPER important to an author (especially a new one like myself) because it gets your book on the RADAR of bookstores, blogs, reviewers, etc. It gets a buzz going if your book is doing well before it’s even released.
  • Pre-orders are available right now on only. (A Kindle version is on I know this is less convenient for all my Canadian friends and family. My publisher is U.S. based – so it’s being made available there first. (After it’s released it will be available everywhere online!!!) 
Order here:
Thanks for your support!! So many people have loved ones with this disease, my hope is that our journey, will help others. Xo