It feels like we all need a little more of it.
Don’t you think?

Deep breaths.

Room to allow things to be.

There’s a pressure to get everything right, make the best decisions possible, and have life figured out – in the most challenging days most of us have ever seen.

But, there’s grace. 

We don’t always understand what’s happening in the world. We don’t agree with decisions made that affect our lives. Messages are confusing, things are always changing and in the middle of it all – there we are. Just trying to do the best we can. 

Navigating life, and all the things that matter to us. 

We try to move ahead, even though a giant pause button has been pushed collectively for the whole world.

But, there’s grace.

In the middle of chaos and hard things, we can make a choice. The choice to show grace. 

Be slow to judge.
Hold back opinion.
Filter thoughts.
Let things go.

Show love and understanding. Because, the world doesn’t have much of that right now. 


The world is a loud and busy place right now, filled with all the heavy and hard things. 

Make a choice. 
Avoid the noise.
Step away.

Speak up when you must

Care about what’s important.

Stand up for what matters.

But remember, grace.

We are all doing the hard things together, and none of our stories are the same.

Practice kind.
Display love.
Shine light.

In all things,
be grace.