While I wouldn’t call myself a planner by nature, (hello – call me and I’ll be ready to go in 10 minutes if you have a fun outing idea!) I do think a lot about where things are headed, and where life is going. This has been a hard year for life plans. Almost 12 months ago, the world changed and moving forward seemed to stop. Life came to a standstill in many areas.

Pursuit, paths and momentum all changed.

Measuring life is difficult right now. I don’t know where the ruler starts or ends, or even what the metrics are anymore. It’s like our baking drawer with all the measuring spoons and cups mixed together with a couple random spoons, and a weird straw. It’s hard to make anything from that mess. Some days feel like that too. I try to push ahead, wearing pants with no waistband for what seems like months on end, turning off the Zoom video option because of my treasure troll hair, inserting daily walks around the block in my giant puffy coat to feel like a human. Despite my efforts, it’s hard to know if I’m getting anywhere at all.

Am I doing what I am supposed to do?

What is it I’m even supposed to do?

I think about progress. I hated that part of the report card when I was a kid. The column that didn’t really give you a grade, but an indication if you were doing ok. But right now, I’m good with no grades. A progress report is all I can manage. I think at least I’d give myself an “S” for satisfactory (on a good day), but the “E” for excellent is definitely missing from the column. I won’t even talk about the “U” days.

But it’s ok.

The good thing about progress is that it’s always moving forward. It’s going somewhere. 

It’s not a fast word.

It’s slow and steady, trusting that you’re getting there one day at a time.

So, I guess I’m making progress.

And if you are making progress, you are doing ok too.

My current progress report:

  • Walked each day for the past week in sub-zero temperatures
  • Finished the “read the Bible in a month” plan
  • Drank 3 big cups of water each day
  • Reached out to my friends when I was struggling
  • Mapped out the book I’m working on
  • Bit my tongue at least 10 times every day in my efforts to be kinder to my family

Small things, but here’s what I’m learning in this season. Progress isn’t fast. Sometimes its the turtle in the race. It’s not flashy or shiny. It’s not the hare with lightening speed dashing through the finish line.

It’s slow and faithful steps of showing up everyday, and doing the things.

And right now, honestly? I think that’s all I can really manage. I’m just doing the things. Maybe you feel the same too –  in this year that seems without measure, ever-changing and often feeling never-ending.

At the very least, you are doing a satisfactory job.

And, I think that’s ok.

Little by little.

Moving ahead.

Slow but steady.