I recently drove by the public school in our neighbourhood and I saw a huge group of kindergarten students all gathered at the fence in their play area. I was wondering what could be going down in the schoolyard that could possibly be causing so much excitement. I noticed that they were all standing with their sweet little faces looking through the cold and frozen metal barrier to watch a big recycling truck picking up the recycling.

It was adorable. 

Clearly the most exciting day of their collective lives.

Watching a truck picking up plastic and paper.

Adoring eyes on the driver as he got out and then hoisted the contents of the bins into the truck, and then hit the crush button. (which is pretty cool!) 

To those little kids, that was a big moment. What I take for granted, was a source of joy and excitement for them. 

I loved the reminder.

I needed the reminder.

There is much joy to be found in the little things. And often, small things are so much more than we realize.  

We go after big, when little is really what fills our heart.

Little is where we find our joy.

I’ve under-estimated little so many times. I’ve settled in with feelings of not being enough, questioned what else I should do to make it, wondering if I’ll ever reach the goals I hide deep in my heart. I mean, isn’t it all about the hustle? It’s really not. I’ve tried that way of life and when everything goes quiet, all I’m really left with is emptiness.

Go big is what they say.

Go for more.





But, is it?

Ask those little kids in awe of paper being dumped into a truck. 

The more I think about moments that seemed small as I lived them, the more I realize that little is where my heart is happiest. Reminding me of what I know, but often forget. 

What seems small, is actually what matters the most.

Making soup for my family on a cold winter’s day.

Having a schedule that allows me to visit my parent’s house every Wednesday for dinner.

Being able to drive to the lake to get inspiration.

Sharing a hug with a couple dear friends. (please go away Covid so I can do this again)

Telling Alexa to play me some new songs.

Playing games with my favourite people at the kitchen table. 

Sitting at my desk writing.

The gift of a hot coffee when least expected.

Candles I light every night when it gets dark.

When you start to add up all the little, you realize that the small makes the big. All our little moments are the ones that matter. 

Most math doesn’t make sense to me, except the adding up of all the everyday things of life –  into one big ball of joyful living.

I love most in the small.

I thrive most in the little. 

Small isn’t small at all. All the small rolled together, it’s actually gigantic.

So, go stand at your frozen chain-linked fences.

Embrace your moments like a 4-year old thrilled by a garbage truck.

Find your little, and love your small.