Sometimes I like to visit places where I used to live and drive down roads that have meaning to me. I actually have a weird connection to roads, and could tell you all my favourites ones. (I have them rated, and they change depending on the seasons.)

Recently, I took one of my favourite routes and went the long way to look at a house we once lived in. As I drove, I realized that so many past memories, decisions and moments are connected by roads.

Ordinary streets and highways made of pavement, travelled as life is lived each day. 

In this little town, I could see the route I used to run (when I decided I wanted to be a sporty girl), the street where I first let the kids walk to school alone together, a path to the park where we would fly kites and the little side avenue where our favourite cupcake store used to be.

All the roads, reminding me of different things. Moments that could be remembered so clearly. Good ones of course, but hard ones too. Losing someone we loved dearly, struggles financially, heart-hurting job decisions, and ultimately a move that was hard for our family.

The road wasn’t always smooth, many times it brought pain.

But it was our road, and we lived out life as we went up and down those streets everyday.

That got me thinking.

I could get in a car and basically drive through all the seasons of my life. 

If I were to leave my house right now, I could take a road trip that would take about 8-10 hours and encompass all the moments and decisions that have been part of my journey in the last 30 years.

So many roads.

I don’t know that I’ve always chosen the right road. The best way. The correct direction. But you have to take a road. Always. Even when you can’t see the final destination. And when I think of those roads, and curves and turns and roundabouts that sometimes didn’t go as planned – I realize that not once did I ever come across a dead end. Never so lost or directionally challenged that there wasn’t a way back, or a solution or answer.

The road hasn’t always been easy, but its led me where I needed to go. 

In fact, every road that seemed uncertain and unclear, led to the right destination. And times when I seemed lost, I learned to make an adjustment and turn myself around.

Following the road ahead, and trusting the way forward even when it was hard to understand.

I close my eyes and think of where I began, and where each part of the journey has taken. I realize I could drive it all and smile, and cry, and laugh and be filled with sorrow and with joy. 

All these roads, they are my life.

All the pavement tells a story.

Asphalt, stuck to the ground winding and turning through cities, towns, and countrysides are stories woven and moments lived.  

Every road we take leads somewhere and somewhere is where we always are going. 

Drive in peace.

Through the rocky places.

Potholes and bumps along the way.

Some days the journey will be smooth, and other times you won’t know where you will end up.

You might need to pull over and cry in the car.

Or, stop to take a picture of the most glorious sunset.

No matter what, keep going.

Stay on your road.