In case you haven’t looked at Instagram or Facebook in the last couple days – it’s a new season! Judging by most of the posts I’ve seen, Fall is a definite favourite. (PSL anyone?)

I love Fall too. Not just because I can soon wear my long brown boots, cozy sweaters and go apple-picking – but Fall is really the real start of a new year in my mind.

September New Year.

As Jon Acuff would say, “September is the new January.”

He’s right.

Forget January. Who wants to start something new then? It’s cold, dark and gloomy. September New Year is better. It’s still light out at night, the days are fresh and reminders of summer still linger as you move ahead. It’s the perfect mix of the season of rest, coming into the season of launch. 

A season where you’ve had some space is usually the season where you allow yourself to dream.

September is the time to start new things.

September means go. 

So, let’s go.

Here are a few simple ideas to help launch September New Year.

Set new goals. We usually have some time away as a family the last week of summer before everyone scatters. I always set 3 new goals that week for the year, as do my kids and hubby. (Not sure if they love this or find it annoying but we do it!) I write our goals down in the notes app on my phone, and during the year at different times I will text them out to everyone, or just go back and remind myself of my own. This year I’ve also put them on my vision board so that I can remind myself of where I’m going. Writing out and speaking out your goals is good practice. It helps get things anchored in your heart. Take some time this week to write down a few goals or dreams. It’s a great way to start a new season.

Make space. It can be hard to move forward when you’re still surrounded by the clutter of the past season. It sounds ridiculous but even just organizing and cleaning up your space can make room in your mind. This past weekend after we brought my son back to school, my daughter and I spend ALL of Labour Day cleaning. She suggested we might need to bring in professional help, or replace our entire bathroom (I didn’t want to clean toilets much in the summer) but after a couple hours everything was sparkling. (I am the professional btw!) The simple act of cleaning things up, and clearing things out made me feel like a million dollars and ready to face the world. Our minds can get full of lots of things very quickly, having space to breathe is important. Take a look around you today and make some physical room so that you can mentally breathe.

Seek and reflect. This is a simple, yet important part of September New Year for me. I can set all the goals I want, make all the plans I can but I recognize that I can’t live my season without Him guiding me. So I pray for faithfulness in my own life for everything I’ve been given, and ask for strength for the days ahead. In spite of all my dreams, rainbows, sprinkles and happy hopes – I know I have hard things ahead of me. No season is perfect. We don’t know what each day brings and I don’t want to face any of those days – no matter how many goals I set or how much space I make – by myself. This is important for all of us. Take time to pray, reflect and seek through your season. You don’t have to walk your days alone, and they are better travelled with Him.

September means go. 

Today my daughter is back to school. I’ve had some time to myself, made space and looked to Him. I’m ready for this season, whatever it may bring.

Excited to step into another September New Year.

Moving forward, with the love of the last season still lingering.

What are you excited for this September?

Set goals, make space and connect with Him.

There are great days ahead.