There’s been construction happening all summer along the roads that I drive everyday to work. As they resurface the road, it seems like each week I come across a part of the lane that is half paved, and half rough. It’s really hard to drive on because one wheel of my car is on a smooth surface and the other is pulling against the force of the jagged unpaved ridges. It’s always a little challenging as I drive over it at 120kms. (Ok, I usually don’t go much faster than 110) It’s interesting because I’ve noticed that the rough side has the stronger pull, and that I have to work against the force to keep in the lane.

This morning as I fought against the rough surface once again, I thought to myself, “I am like this road.” It was a random thought, I don’t usually identify with pavement but those highway lanes painted a visual picture to me. 

There’s always something trying to pull me off my road. 

If ever I have lived through a time in my life that has combined amazing highs and celebrations with all out deep-places pain, this would be the season. One day I will share the journey but for now it’s a hard one to navigate. It’s a road I wouldn’t choose to travel. 

It’s not on my bucket list. 

Often it’s tempting to give into the pull of the hard and difficult. To get tired of trying to keep things under control. Instead, there can be the desire to veer out of the lane and bounce and lurch off the road.  To make an abrupt stop in the gravel, put the car in park, lock the doors and just stay in that safe location forever. Hiding away from continuing the journey because it’s too much work to drive on that uneven lane. It’s draining to manage the pull and tension between hope for the future, and the reality of the present.

The smooth and the jagged.

The joy and the pain. 

How can that be navigated?

Who can drive on that road?

Then I remember.

My favourite part about driving on the uneven lanes is that eventually they come to an end. I love the feeling of the pull being over, and I sigh with relief and loosen my grip once I hit that smooth surface.  I made it over the rough patches and am again able to navigate with confidence.

The rough road didn’t last forever.

While we are on the rough roads, they try to pull us from our purpose. They try to erase grace and crush out hope. If we aren’t careful we can be left looking at our dreams in the rearview mirror. But thankfully the road ahead is not always rough and jagged, and more importantly – we don’t have to travel it alone. 

He can create smooth places from rough journeys.

He redeems hard stories with flowing grace.

Keep going fellow road travellers. Don’t pull off to the side and give up on the destination. Whether it’s smooth, rocky, uneven, full of stones or the dust is flying straight up in your face – hold on tight and steer through whatever road you are on. 

His grace-filled, love-filled, purpose-filled, healing-filled new road is ahead.

It won’t always be smooth, but you’ll never be alone. 

He has kept his eye on us all along the roads we’ve traveled….

Joshua 24