All the hard things

A little while ago my daughter had a week that was filled with challenging experiences for her. Since she and I are very similar when it comes to new things, I could understand the angst and fear she was facing.

She asked me a really profound question.

“Why do all the hard things happen at once?”

I had to think about that for a minute. It was a very true observation. I’ve wondered that myself at times, why do we have to be brave all at once? Why does courage require every little bit of strength that we have, often in our weakest moments?

I looked at her and said what I always say,

“You can do hard things.”

All the hard things.

I say this a lot lately. To my family when we feel challenges. To myself when I’m crying in a parking lot wondering how to process the days I know are ahead. To those around me that I see needing encouragement and hope. The scale of hard things in life vary from day to day. One day it could be facing your first driving lesson, another day you come face to face with something that could change the trajectory of your life.

But we keep going.

Amid the darkness and the fear that we often face, we can have hope.


We CAN do hard things.

I know this because I see people all around me living out their own brave every day.

The one facing a cancer diagnose. 

The parent believing in a healthy report for their child.

The couple trying to make their marriage work.

The parent fighting for their family. 

The individual seeking direction and purpose.

The one feeling the darkness of depression.

The family watching a loved one slip away.

The person feeling a grief so strong it hurts. 

You are the doing the hard things. If you find yourself trapped by fear, wondering how you are ever going to make it out of the this season and be free from what hinders, you can have hope.

You don’t have to be weary. He gives strength, this anchor to the soul.

You can stand secure. He is steadfast and true.

You can trust. He is unchanging, full of grace and life.

Keep moving forward, keep being brave. Look the situations that scare you right in the face and remind yourself that you can do all things. You have been given all strength. What is in the world is not stronger that what is inside you.

You are stronger than you know. 

He is stronger than you could ever comprehend

You can do hard things because you don’t have to do them alone.