This week I was driving as a passenger with my father, and felt like I barely escaped with my life. Later that same day I was convinced my husband never does shoulder checks. (I would say that 80% of our marriage confrontations are the result of driving) I know he (and others) think that I am the most annoying passenger in the entire world, but I just can’t help it. Most of my nervous energy comes from what seems to be the occasional swerving into another lane. Change the radio. Swerve. Sip your coffee. Swerve. Plug in your phone. Swerve. My claw-like fingernail impressions are embedded in the car door for eternity. I get it. I am not a great passenger.

I often say (in a high-pitched screeching tone),

“Stay in your lane!”

I heard someone recently use that same phrase, not referring to marriage driving stress – but referencing life. We’re all in a lane, pursuing goals and purposes that lie ahead. If I’m completely honest though, sometimes I start to focus outside my lines and all of a sudden I’m not so sure about my lane. It’s not the scenery I wanted or the way I thought I was going. I begin to feel discontent as I start to look at the people driving beside me. Hey! Look at their lane! How come they are moving faster than I am? Why is their lane so amazing? That lane is way more glamorous than mine. It’s not fair! They barely had to work to get in that lane. Why do they look so great? Why is everything so easy for them? How come there are no roadblocks or obstacles in their way?

Soon I become so distracted with the lanes around me, I’ve forgotten about my own. I’m all over the place. I’ve turned into the thing I fear the most, a swerving crazy driver! I risk the chance of collision and becoming lost, maybe even propelling myself right off the road.

I need someone to yell,

“Stay in your lane!”

It doesn’t matter where others are going.

It matters where I am going.

My lane is perfect for me. 

Not long ago I was in a big strange city. At the end of the week I found myself alone. Just a rental car, my GPS and me! Tommy (the name of my GPS) suddenly became my best friend. I had to get myself to the airport. I plugged him in and off we went. That voice guided me. I listened to every word that it said. I picked a lane. I stayed in the lane, until I got where I was going. I didn’t get distracted. I had a purpose and a plan. I knew what I needed to do. I finished that leg of my journey and it gave me confidence for the next part.

In a world that is constantly showing us a lane that looks better than the one we are in, we need to trust the one who guides our life. He’s set the perfect course ahead for us, we just need to listen to His voice.  Our lane is perfect for us when we are following Him. We can even take it a step further and encourage and celebrate those in the lanes beside us, as we road trip together.

We’re not in a race, we’re on a journey.

Stay in your lane.

Don’t swerve.

Look ahead.

Follow His voice.