There’s a focus in our culture that is all about pursuing big. Dream Big. Go Big. Believe Big. Live Big. There’s nothing wrong with that. I have hopes, dreams and plans which all generally fall into the category of big. I’ve never been encouraged to think small, or imagine little so big thinking is the natural default setting in most areas of my life.

Sometimes though, big feels exhausting. A couple minutes on social media, being in a room full of successful people, trying to build a platform for your passions – big can seem unattainable.

What does big mean anyway? Is it your name in lights? Millions of Youtube followers? A successful career? A perfect look? Wealth? Influence?

Here’s the thing I’ve been noticing lately. Big is relative. Big isn’t always what we think it is. Big is overrated.

In the pursuit of big, we’ve missed the beauty of small.

Small is significant.

When I stop to think of all the “small” things that I do in my life, those are really the things that matter. Being accountable. Loving those around me. Serving my family. Living healthy. Valuing spiritual growth. Showing consideration. Being kind. Keeping commitments. Doing what I say I’ll do. These things really are the core of who I am, helping me continually develop into who I need to be. The beat of my heart as I live from day to day.

Big commands you to take over the world like a loud shout.

Small whispers for you to be faithful where you are. 

Perhaps the biggest thing we can do is to be satisfied with whatever season we are in. It doesn’t mean that we stop dreaming, it means that we value each part of our journey and realize that all the little and small when put together can amount to something big. A big that is authentic and real. Believing that when we are trusted with little, then we can be trusted with much. 

I’ve switched my mindset from the previous inner voice that screamed “DREAM BIG” to listening now to the more subtle and sweet whisper of, “Little by Little.” I’ve taken off the pressure for the future and replaced it with a passion for the present. Do I still dream? Absolutely. I couldn’t stop if I tried. However, I know that whatever big may look like in my life, it’s going to be made up of the sum of the little things that I value. Walking in confidence as the small things all add up to make a beautiful messy pile of faithful filled big.

Embrace the little.

Be faithful in the small.

Knowing you can be trusted with much.