A few months ago I attended a memorial service for a family member who had passed away. While I didn’t see this special woman often, when I did it was impactful and I had special memories throughout my lifetime of my interactions with her. As I sat in the service I was witness to the most beautiful outpouring that I had ever seen. As her children, grandchildren and friends spoke of her life, I walked away with two words imprinted on my heart, “Beauty” and “Goodness” which were the constant description of her life. She saw beauty in everything and everyone, and her life was one of goodness. Her legacy was incredible. It will never be forgotten by the people she loved, and who loved her.

I’ve thought almost daily about her and those words. It’s caused me to become aware of my own life and I’ve wondered – what words do I want to leave to those I love the most? What words will they use to describe my life?

That question stops me in my tracks. That makes me consciously think of the words I say, and the actions that I take in all situations in my life. We know that one day, our lives will come to an end. We have wills, we have possessions and material things of earthly value that we will leave behind to those we love. But what words will they use to describe our life?

I’ve started to think about the words that I live. I’m pretty sure some of the days my word living is not that good. Grumpy. Moody. Impatient. Negative.

Some days I’m better. Loving. Understanding. Encouraging. Kind.

I’m trying to live out a life of legacy worthy words.

How interesting would it be if we were called by the word that we are? Like, if we walked into a room and people said things like –

Here comes Kindness!

Oh look, Love just got here!

Hey Goodness!

I need to go talk to Mercy.

Have you met Patience? She’s great!

Think for a minute. What would your name be? This affects me in the deep sobering places of my heart as I live out life with my husband and kids, talk to my co-workers, lead my grade one small group, spend time with my friends and all my life interactions. What word would they call me if they had to pick just one? Is that the word I want to be known for?

Here is what I do know, what I can say for certain.

I want to live out words of love to those around me.

I want to become a walking word of love that will turn into legacy.

As I sat in that memorial service that day, not only did I hear the words of legacy spoken, I saw the lives that the life of legacy impacted. It inspired my life going forward from that day. It truly was a thing of beauty, filled with goodness.

Living and leaving words of legacy.

From one generation to another.

What word will you be?