The other day my friend sent me a text and asked me if I could write a blog about how to help the cranky and impatient mom. I laughed and said that yes I could. Of course I could write about that. I’m the master at crankiness, and I have impatience down to a science. It would be like writing to myself. It could be my autobiography.

Before I could think much more about it, my friend posted this picture:

I realized my friend didn’t need ME to write her a blog at all. She had it all figured out. In her busy life of 4 active children (one being only a couple months old) she had taken a moment of frustration and turned it into a moment of joy and fun. I am pretty sure that the day she decided to swaddle all four children with the couch blankets to keep them calm is one that they won’t ever forget. Look at those hilarious faces! Even the baby is laughing!

Make memories in the moment.

No matter how the moment makes you feel.

Sometimes the moments are overwhelming. Sometimes the moments are exhausting. Sometimes the moments frustrate us and make us want to pull out our hair but we can find joy in the moment if we take time to look.

I remember when my kids were little and they wanted to bake. I would agree, and brace myself for the chaos. I’d tell myself, “I will be a good mom. I will bake with my children. We will have the best time ever.” I also clearly recall that it almost always ended up in a gigantic mess with someone crying. (Usually me!) I wondered if it was worth the effort. Was anyone having fun? Am I crazy to try to make these moments?

A few months ago my husband and I were looking through some old videos and we came across some of those “cookies with small children” days. I got quite emotional because I realized that what I once considered to be stress was now a cherished memory. As I looked at that video I didn’t see mess, I didn’t see crying or yelling. I saw myself making a moment with my children. They were happy, we were happy. I’d give anything to time travel back and have that day again, when they were small and cuddly and fit in my arms.

Now, I have a son preparing his university applications. My little girl figuring out life in high school. I love the stage that my family is at now but I would be lying if I didn’t say I want to hold onto them forever.

Cherish the moments.

Cherish all of them.

Hard and easy.

Find the joy.

James 1 talks about trials. It talks about how all situations that come our way, we should consider them to be joy. I think that speaks to whatever moment we face – big or small. Sometimes we just have to choose joy, and like my friend Ashley – making that choice can make a moment.

Choose Joy.