Blooming in Unexpected Places

Shelly Calcagno

I always love when we turn down a road that I have never gone down before.

I get bored sometimes.

I want to go a new way.

Then I see the wildflowers blooming all over the sides of the roads. Wherever I go. I love the new roads more than ever. They are like summer rainbows that call my name.

I am completely mesmerized. The blurs of colour as we speed by. Those flowers, just growing un-abandoned. Wherever they want. They don’t care that that they are blooming in rather unexpected places. They just bloom. I stare at them and I am a little jealous of those free flowers. On the sides of busy highways of asphalt where they don’t really belong. They don’t care. They just let their beauty shine through, softening the hard tarred landscape surrounding them.  I see the ones on a hillside that have completely taken over as…

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