I heard a story on the radio this morning, and I had to look it up and see if it was true. Ikea has created a mirror that gives people compliments. Now, I’m pretty sure this is not available for purchase (at least not yet), and I think that most likely this is a clever marketing promotion but I watched with fascination at the joy people got from getting compliments and kind words.

From a talking mirror.


Where you can also get a hotdog for $1.

Now don’t get me wrong. I have a pretty strong love/hate relationship with the mirror. Often falling largely on the hate side.  I am really not sure why we can be so critical of ourselves. I have been looking into the mirror for MANY years now and often, I still see that shy awkward girl who just didn’t measure up. Then, I have to slap myself and remember that my image reflects my Creator and my Creator only creates things that are good. The mirror can trap us into lies, the mirror of our own critique is often distorted and we seldom see ourselves the way that others see us. More importantly, the way HE sees us.

But so many can’t see their true reflection.

The Ikea talking mirror was created for a reason.

“The research commissioned by the Swedish furniture retailer* into morning routines revealed that just under half (49%) of all Brits receive no compliments in an average week, despite two fifths (38%) saying just one positive comment would make them smile and a quarter (26%) revealing a kind word results in them liking themselves more.”

I don’t think we need mirrors that give us compliments.

I think we need to speak more words of love to each other.

I think we need to recognize the love in which we were created.

If a piece of glass in a Swedish department store can make someone’s day, imagine what real words of love from a 3D person with skin could do?

Interesting story. It made me smile.

It also reminded me that the words we speak bring life.

Be a mirror to people. As they look at you, reflect back to them the good that you see in them.


Swedish for “say something nice to someone today”.