Getting a little Chalkboard DIY this summer…

I love DIY.

I really don’t have many art skills, but I like to find fun and easy ideas that I can manage. Sometimes I see something (on Pinterest) that I think I can do without turning my house into a disaster zone. And it has to be simple.

SIMPLE is the new theme of my life!

I’m pretty obsessed with all the chalkboard items that are so popular right now. So when I saw this easy chalkboard slate project, I thought I could likely manage to make one. Then when I went to my parent’s cottage and saw the wood pile, I knew it was meant to be!

All you need for this project is some wood slices, sandpaper, chalkboard paint and a small paint brush.


1. Find a stable person with a chainsaw. Then find a log of wood that has a good shape. Get the chainsaw person to cut you some slices about an inch thick. Lightly sand the side that you are going to paint.











2. Start to paint the wood with the chalkboard paint.


3. Fill in the whole area of the wood. I did two coats


4. Let it dry for a couple hours. Then it’s fun time! Get creative and write different things on your chalkboard and use for fun décor!


Change it up, and use the chalkboards for lots of fun things over the summer!

So easy, if I can do it – ANYONE can do it!

Happy DIY Summer!



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