Dear Bookaboo, I have a story for you!


Dear Bookaboo,

I just wanted to write a blog to you, you are clearly blog-worthy. I am so excited that your show has come to Kids’ CBC in Canada. I think it’s brilliant.

So here is the thing Bookaboo, I want you to always keep performing. I know you need a book a day to get you on that stage. Well, guess what? I have a great book for you! It’s one that I wrote. It’s called Tini’s Tangles. This is my first children’s book, and it’s been a dream of mine since I was a little girl to have children read my stories. I’d love all the children who watch your show to also read my story. Not to mention that having my book read to you would be pretty amazing!

Now, I have to warn you that my book looks a little bit like it’s only for girls. But I promise, there are words in those pages that even boys would like to read about! (There’s even a cat. Do you like cats?) And, I noticed that you have a pretty cool hairstyle. Does it ever get a little tangled? Well, the girl in my story can help you out with that! She even has an amazing hairbrush! It’s sparkly. It seems to me that a rock star dog would like sparkles.


You and I both have dreams Bookaboo. Maybe we can help each other out? I’d love to be a part of how you are sharing amazing stories to children in Canada. Maybe you can put in a good word about me to your creator Lucy Goodman? I’d love to send her my book to check out, to see if it would be Bookaboo worthy.

In the meantime, you keep rocking. You are an amazing performer and I know that you will be the first rock star dog to make his mark in Canada! I’m fan-girling already!

Thank you Bookaboo, I hope we can be friends, taking over Canada with a love of books!

Shelly Calcagno

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