Don’t delete me.


Right now I am kinda living in a state of discontent. Don’t get me wrong. I’m super happy and blessed in my life. But I just have these big crazy dreams. And I can’t let them go. I would never even list them here for you to read. You’d think I live in a dream world. And sometimes I do. You’d think I’m crazy. And sometimes I am.

It’s interesting though, because we can look around and see lots of success stories in the creative world – but what we don’t always see is all the hard work that comes before that. Musicians, writers, filmmakers – you name it – there are very few that just burst onto the scene and are an instant hit. Most often, there are years of work that happen that we don’t even see. I remember meeting an author in the fall at one of my book signings who had spent 6 months travelling the country – visiting a different Chapters/Indigo each weekend. That is dedication. That is commitment. That is HARD WORK. That is the backstory to success. And, that is very comforting to me. And what defines success anyway? Some of my goals, they wouldn’t wow the superstars of the world – but they are important and significant to me.

Here is what I have learned, it’s not easy to promote and sell your book. It’s awkward. Pushing something you have created is uncomfortable. I am sure that people have deleted me on Facebook or unfollowed me on Twitter. (oh the shame) I am sure they think – enough about your stupid book. It’s about hair. Get on with your life.

But you see, it’s all part of my dream.

I just can’t let it go.

And I have boxes of books bought on faith to show that I believe I can do it.

And a whole printing press ready to print more.

So, I might be ramping up the book talk in the days ahead. Please don’t think I’m vain. Please don’t think that I think I’m “all that”. Please don’t delete me. (you can hide me and still be my friend! That’s a good option.)

I’m just me.

A girl who loves to write.

A girl who loves to tell stories.

A girl who wants to make a difference in her world.

A girl still trying to figure out where all this is going, but is ready for whatever adventure lies ahead.

But a girl who WON’T give up.

Besides, it’s all part of the story,

And I love stories.

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