I’ve found myself stuck in the send/receive rut. You know. When you are waiting for an email.   And it seems like it will never come. So you sit. You hit send/receive on your email page. Like all day long. You drive yourself crazy somedays. I’m driving myself crazy.

Last week, I had 3 days in a row of exciting book-related emails. It got me addicted to my send/receive. (Any by send/receive, I really mean receive) This week, my inbox has been quiet. It’s almost sent me into despair after all of last weeks action. Come on people – I’m waiting. Don’t you know? Can’t you work a little faster? Send me something. I’m pushing my button!

Then I remember (a little bid sadly) that I don’t control the world. And that I just have to relax. That everything happens in the right time. That there are things happening behind the scene that I don’t even know about. And I really need to TRUST in the one from whom all my hopes and dreams come from. I’ll receive when he’s good and ready to send. (If I am honest, I would like him to hurry it up. Thank you God. That was a humble little request.)

Besides. My finger is starting to hurt. And I’m getting a little too attached to my laptop. My children need food and clean clothing. (ok, it’s really not THAT bad..)  And, I actually don’t want to spend my life waiting. Because this kind of waiting prevents me from doing. I could have had 2 new chapters finished in my new book. But no.

I’ve been sitting






An endless cycle of waiting that takes me into a black hole of unproductiveness.

I’m finishing this blog. Then, I’m going to shut down my mind-controlling laptop of evilness and get away from my desk. It’s my day off. It’s beautiful outside. My cold is finally almost gone. I’m going to stop clicking and start living. I know that the things I am waiting for, they will come. And maybe I will enjoy and appreciate them more if they take me by surprise.

The clicking must stop.

The living must happen.

My send/receive…it will come all on it’s own.

It doesn’t even need my help.

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