It’s time for things to come alive


I genuinely have something that I love about each Canadian season. In a couple months I’ll be blogging about how much I adore the beach and my flip flops. Then, fall apple season will arrive – which I will delight over. Then, it will be cozy fireplace time again – which will make me gush. (I am very predictable)

But I really love Spring.

Spring is the season that really stirs deep in my heart.

Spring is change.

Spring is growth.

Spring is about things coming to life that have been buried and held under for a long cold season.

Just when you think it will never end. The long, cold and colourless days suddenly come alive. The black and white world turns into stunning technicolor display right before our eyes.

I feel like something inside me comes alive too. Today, I took in deep breaths of the fresh air and I felt like my soul was being infused with the hope that comes with something new. I basked in the warm sun on my face and I imagined I was coming out of a deep thaw. I have a new hope. A hope that comes with change.

I will be honest, it has been an exceptionally cold winter. And I am longing for something new. Today, I felt like part of me started to come alive again. I looked at the buds on my trees, they are getting ready to spread their sheltering branches. My tulips have popped up, they are not content to be in the dark cold earth anymore. The robin doesn’t care about the frost, he’s been hiding for too long. He has a new song to sing.

What song will I sing this season?

It’s time for things to come alive for us all. For renewed life and renewed purpose. In the beautiful world outside us, but also in our hearts and the parts of us that run deep.

What song will you sing?

Tomorrow I am going to go out and pull all the dead dry branches and old leaves from the past season. I want to make sure that there is room for all the growth of the new season. I don’t want the old to choke the potential of the new.

I’m doing that in my garden.

But I am also doing that in my heart.

Welcome Spring.

Bring your sparkle and your sass.

To all of us, after a long cold season.

Let us embrace the new!

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