For the Boyz…


My husband recently said that I never write about him. I felt a little bad about that. He’s a great guy. So, I thought that his team – The Toronto Maple Leafs finally making the playoffs deserved a little shout out. A little blog mention about my hockey fanatic husband. I keenly observed that this playoff spot was one of the happiest days of the last 9 years of his sad-hockey-fan-living life. I felt that deserved mention. A guy so committed to a team that has never won a Stanley Cup during his lifetime. LIFETIME. That’s true love. That’s a true fan.

So – here’s to the Leafs. I might even watch. Wait. I watched the other night and they were victorious, and now they are headed to round one of the playoffs.  Maybe I have been the missing piece all this time. (yah, I’m making this all about me) Wow. I feel the pressure. (I hope they don’t play tonight – I need to watch The Voice.) This is pretty serious.  I’m going to have to watch hockey.  A whole nation is depending on me.  I might even need to make snacks for the game. I might even dig out my musty Leafs t-shirt and paint my face blue. I’m in this for the win now.

I hope that after the past 20 years, the quote I hear every season comes true and that this really “is their year!”

Go Leafs Go!

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