So here I sit. And here I write


So here I sit, a blank page of a day ahead of me. Part of me wants to keep watching Dowton Abby (I’ve gotten a little obsessed. It’s like hours of Pride and Prejudice – who wouldn’t love that!) but the other part of me knows I need to get some writing done.

My dream right now is to go somewhere for a whole week. All alone. And just write. It’s not really realistic – it’s hard to go off and leave everyone to fend for themselves. I mean maybe I could squeeze a couple days in somewhere. But a week alone to write – that would be magnificent! I daydream about being in a rustic little cabin. I would be terrified alone at night in the middle of the woods (Thanks Jonny Depp for that scary movie) but I’d make it. Or maybe, a little beach house by the ocean. That would also be an ideal spot to write. Hearing the crash of the waves hit the shore. But I know I’d be distracted. I’d want to be outside with my feet in the water, getting a tan and my laptop would get all sandy. But I could suffer through the sunshine and get some work done. I think of my Grandma’s house on top of a hill overlooking the bay in Newfoundland. That would also be a writer’s paradise. Breathing in that fresh Eastern air and watching the whales play in the bay. But I’d want to visit with all my family down the lane and visit all the beautiful scenery. But I know I’d still be inspired.

But for now – here I sit.  I should be content with the fact that I have a whole free afternoon ahead of me and stop daydreaming about all the movies I have seen where the writers are in these really romantic locations writing – and just start writing. Here at my pretty desk. In front of my window with my star lights hanging down. It’s actually quite nice. It’s no villa but I have coffee close by and a motivating playlist on my iphone.

I can try to ignore the laundry I need to do, and I can try to forget that I need to mop the floors later and wash all the bedding while my kids are away. Right?  I mean, I have imagination. I can pretend it’s just me and my pretty desk and write. I can take my thoughts to a creative place and immerse myself into my far off worlds. That’s actually what I love about writing! Enough internal whining and location dreaming. It’s time to work.

So here I sit

Here I write

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