Library Love


Today I got to do something that has been the best part of my book experience. I got to visit a school and read Tini’s Tangles to some children. It’s awesome! That is why I wrote a children’s book – for children to read! To spend a morning at a school and read is time well spent.

Today’s session was in the school library and I was reminded of my library love. The library even has a smell. It’s smells the same as it did when I was a kid. It’s the smell of ink and paper, history and adventure and it fills me with a sense of childhood nostalgia and it makes me want fill up my bags with books! Even hearing the librarian tell the kids to sign out their books filled me with joy. (And I am excited that Tini’s Tangles is now in that library to be signed out as well!) Perhaps I need to get out more. Perhaps I have an unhealthy attachment to paper. But I do love a room filled from top to bottom with books. I wanted to stay all day in that paper bound filled room and explore all those stories. But I’m an adult. And I don’t go to that school. So I had to leave.

But that’s ok……my town has a library. I have a sudden urge to go there tonight and stock up, immerse myself in some new adventures. Get lost in a good story in my favourite chair, beside my favourite mug of coffee. Escape to another world. Expand my mind. Read Read Read

All inspired today by Library Love!

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