Shattered Mirrors


When I was in high school, I wrote this really deep poem about mirrors. I wish I could find it…I think somewhere it’s on a floppy disc (yes, I am that old) Basically, I always felt like my reflection didn’t represent the person I felt like I was inside. I felt like I was a prisoner to the mirror and the mirror didn’t show the real me. (deep thoughts for a 17 year old)

I still have mirror drama in my life. It’s not as bad as when I was 17. (thank goodness I have grown up) What is it about us, that we can’t always accept who we are? Fortunately, with age we start to love ourselves more. We realize that we don’t have to be defined by society, by culture – but that being ourselves is ok. That our creator designed us to be exactly as we are. In his image, a reflection of his beauty. That helps me hold my head higher and be who I am. That brings me so much freedom at the start of each day. (which involves me looking in the mirror!)

I am working on my new book outline today.  It’s about imaginary world that I lived in when I was a child  because I couldn’t accept who I was. It’s geared to tweens and the message is about being who you are -because who you are is something to be celebrated. You don’t need to change or wish yourself away. But stand tall and hold your head high. I’m excited about telling this story! It involves a magical tunnel, a presto-chango machine and lots of adventures.  I have my own tween girl and I want her to be inspired to live a life of believing in herself and loving who she is! I think we all need this.

Shattered Mirrors.

Breaking down perceptions and lies we tell ourselves.

Trapped by the mirror no more.

We can all be the fairest of all.

2 thoughts on “Shattered Mirrors”

  1. Nice Shelly, very inspiring. As we get older, it’s often harder to look in the mirror until we realize that the lines and wrinkles are all a part of our story. God made us special we’re the only one of our kind!


  2. Such an important topic….especially for girls. I think so many of us have felt like that! Too bad it does take age and maturity to realize that beauty…our beauty, our worth is not what the mirror reflects but that we are by default beautiful because we are created in God’s image! When I was a tween I wish I had known that God loved me, created me….that I was special. That it really wasn’t that important that my nose was a different shape than my “pretty” friends, or my ears protruded differently than my “pretty” friends….
    Can’t wait to read your next book and do everything I can to promote the message that most girls need to hear!! I’m definitely “with ya” on this one!!


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