Coffee Lover Sass


I know there are really important issues happening in our world right now. And someday, I will write about them. But today I just feel inspired to write about coffee. It’s Saturday after all. The one morning during the week that I don’t have to rush off anywhere. From the moment I start to slightly wake up – I start thinking about coffee. So, the first thing I do after sitting upright is drag my half-awake, rumpled, big bed-headed self down to the kitchen and I make a pot of Saturday morning goodness.

Suddenly, the world starts to feel alive again. I’m not an addict by any means. And I am not a coffee snob either. I just really love coffee. The smell, the taste, my favourite mugs, my favourite chair that I sit in. It all just goes together so perfectly.

Shelly + Coffee = Happiness. It’s the perfect equation. It’s easy math for this numerically challenged girl.

Right now my favourite blend is Starbucks Blonde. I’m actually drinking it right now. (Wow, that’s a mind-blowing coincidence)  I feel a special affinity to Starbucks. We both were “born” in the same year, and I will share every milestone birthday with my favourite coffee company for decades to come. We have a bond. Then, they came out with the Blonde blend. I mean really, it’s like they made it for me. (I know, maybe they should have a fake blonde blend – whatever…) Yes, it’s more expensive. But really – I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t party and I buy my clothes mostly on the clearance rack. I think I can buy myself one bag of special coffee or an occasional skinny vanilla latte with a clear conscience. The warm cozy feelings I get when I walk into a Starbucks rival only  in comparison to the feelings I feel when I walk into a Bath & Body Works or Target. (that’s a whole other blog…) Don’t even get me started on the red cup season, pumpkin spice lattes and the new gift card booklets…shivers of joy, down my spine.

But I’m not only partial to Starbucks. (They are simply my #1 choice)  I’ll drink pretty much any coffee – except that which cometh from a fast food restaurant (Nice try with the marketing Ronald, but I have my standards…)

Oh coffee. One of the loves of my life. My constant inspiring companion, my dependable friend.

May my mug always be full of your caffeinated goodness!

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