Idea App – Love it!


A really creative friend of mine (Todd Neilson) posted this app on Instagram a few weeks ago called the Idea Organizer! He’s actually one of the most creative people I know – so anything he would use in the idea department is something I know would be great.

So, being the copycat that I am, I downloaded the app.

I LOVE it! I mean we can all write down an idea when we are on the go – but this app is cool because it organizes your thoughts. And they are organized in a creative way – for those of us who need creative organization to be actually organized.  And it’s easy. For those of us who are challenged in the painful list making, spreadsheet creating department.  You can take a photo right into the app, jot down a note or make a voice recording. Super Cool!

So, I have been trying to put my app into action. Over Christmas I was at this cool new frozen yogurt place called “Yogurtys” and I LOVED the graphics and the cool fonts they used in all their signage. So I made a little note in my idea organizer to further check them out online and tell my creative friends about it, and I also made some notes on their fun creative space. Another day, I saw on facebook that someone had done a hot chocolate bar over Christmas – it was super cute – so I put that in my idea organizer. I know that it sounds like I am an idea thief, but often the creativity of others inspires me, and can often be a great springboard to another idea!

I know, I only have 4 ideas so far. (ok 5 because as I was writing this blog I had an idea about stick people) But I just started….let the ideas and the creativity flow! My goal is to come up with one great new idea each week, and to also take note of a great idea in picture form. I might not get to it right away – but it’s a little creative hub that I can visit and hopefully get some new and fresh ideas growing from there.

Check it out! A great way to start your year and to keep track of amazing ideas!

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