Thank you Hobbit!


I went to see The Hobbit with my son last week, and the whole time I was thinking about the imagination that was taken to write that story. (I think I thought about that more than the movie itself!) To create those characters, to dream out those books – amazing! What a mind Tolkien had. It inspires the deepest of creativity.

So, today I took that inspiration and I wrote out a synopsis for a new book. I am slightly terrified.  I am not done with Tini’s Tangles by any means, I spent some time today working on plans to keep sharing her with children – but I need to keep writing. (I still have a book in the “vault” that I hope to be my next published story – to follow Tini) However, I’ve had an idea in my mind for a long time, about an imaginary world that I used to create for myself when I was a child. I think it would make for some great storytelling. The thing is, it will be a chapter book. And I am terrified of writing a chapter book! But I am also slightly motivated by fear – and I always think I need to be pushing myself. So, that creates a good combination for me.

So it’s started. For the first time, I have it written down. The idea for a new adventure. It will be my goal this year to write this story. And I am SUPER excited about it, even slightly nervous with excitement! (I know, I’m a nerd) I might even share some snippets along the way.

Yah for a new adventure in storytelling!

And yay for big dreams that motivate and slightly terrify us!

1 thought on “Thank you Hobbit!”

  1. Bravo for you. I used to be a children’s librarian. When storytime came, the kids’ expressions were priceless. When you have a good book, you never lack a friend.


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