A Story of 2012

I’ve been doing some reflecting today on 2012. I actually really love the start of a new year. New beginnings are significant. I think we all want to be continually moving and growing and progressing in our lives. A new year gives us time to reflect, and then inspires us to move ahead. There’s nothing magical about it. It’s really just a state of mind that could start like this:

I will write a new chapter in my story in the year ahead.

I have so many mixed emotions about the chapter of 2012. On one hand, it’s been full of excitement. Seeing my book come to life, starting a new role in my job, having my heart broken and inspired all at once in Haiti, seeing my children continue to grow and spending wonderful time with my family – I could go on and on. There have also been challenges and heartache. Loss of those we loved dearly, and personal struggles that have made life difficult sometimes. It hasn’t always been fun.

But, here is what I know. Life never stops moving and we move right along with it. I trust in my maker, the one who gave me life. No matter what comes my way. The one who makes all things good, is the one who holds me close. The words on my heart today as I say good-bye to 2012 – HE makes all things good! That gives me hope! Because even in the midst of things we don’t understand, we know that there is a purpose. Even if it doesn’t seem good, or feel good – our maker is full of goodness. He wants nothing but great things for his children. Even when he is taking us through chapters that are hard and difficult.

I have a few chapter outlines for my story in 2013. Here’s the rough draft:

Be physically healthy (My goal is to do a 5K this year. I got halfway there in 2012, time to finish that one up! I also want to make the harsh transition from being a night owl to a morning person)

Be spiritually healthy (I started a reading plan that will help me read the entire Bible this year)

Be relationally healthy (Be the wife, mom, sister, daughter, friend, leader that I know I should be. Be kind and loving, but also be bold and fearless)

Most of all, I just want to be where I am supposed to be. I have many other big dreams deep in my heart (some of them you might shake your head at) but I don’t want to start a new year without those dreams – those are the purposes that keep me going! They are part of my adventure story that I want to live. And I believe in these dreams because I believe in the one who gave them to me, and that they are part of the story he has written for me.

And I know that no matter how my story goes in 2013, He makes all things good!

All things God works for the good of those who love him. Rom 8:28

Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “A Story of 2012”

  1. I love your 2013 goals Shelley. I am believing there might be some beautiful surprises along the way as well. Blessings ti you and your family


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