His love shines


When I started this blog, I promised myself that I would write every week. That promise has been sadly broken the past little while – it’s been crazy! But here I sit. Finally a night of writing. This is my fourth piece of the night, and I have to say that it is very therapeutic and just what I needed to do this evening!

The last few weeks have been filled with strange combinations of life. There has been sorrow and immense sadness, there has been celebration and joy, fun and laughter. It’s been really hard to reconcile all these emotions and go from one to the other, back and forth. I feel like I have been on a super fast roller coaster that has not stopped. (not a fan of the roller coaster)

There hasn’t been a ton of sparkle or sass. It’s been real life. And sometimes real life is not what you want it to be all the time. Sometimes you wish you could write another ending, or change the story.

But we can’t. Life continues despite us.

I do have a sparkly Christmas tree. It is a reminder of this season that means so much to me, because we celebrate Jesus. The trust and the hope that I have, it come from him. All of it.

His joy, his love, his peace – those are the constants in my life.

When it’s hard to find the sparkle – his love shines through like no other.

When the world seem dim – his blinding love break through.

His love shines, and I want to be in his light

2 thoughts on “His love shines”

  1. Shelly the Christmas musical was a smash hit. Every eye on you directing. Thayer in itself was amazing. You deserve an extra jewel in your crown.


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