Sparkle and Sass – The Raw Edition

I’m not feeling really sparkly right now. Or sassy. It’s been a hard month. But that’s ok. Life isn’t always perfect. This blog was created because I had a new book. And when you are launching a new book, it’s important to have a platform (so I have read) where people can connect with you. Where you can promote yourself. The problem is, I don’t like promoting myself. I feel like that is such an unattractive quality. Like really, who wants to hear someone talk about themselves all the time?  I wrote a book. I’m excited about it – but it can’t become all I talk about. I’ll have no friends. People will unfriend me on Facebook, and unfollow me on Twitter. (oh the horror)

I love to write.

I hate to self-promote.

Where is the balance?

So, I find myself experiencing some tension here. Maybe this blog won’t just be about my journey as a new author. I mean, that is definitely part of who I am and my current story – so I’m sure I’ll write about it. I can’t ignore it. But it’s not all I care about, it’s not my life. How can I just write about that, when I have other things going on in my life that seem so much more important and real.

My life is about the people I love and care about. It’s about God my creator who has blessed me with so many valuable things that are not even “things”. It’s about the people around me who I know need support. It’s about loving and making a difference in the world around me. It’s about loving my family with all that I have. Being the best mom, wife, friend, daughter, sister, leader, etc. that I can be.

Those are the things that really make me sparkle. The struggles that I have been going through lately have been showing me that the things which truly make me shine – those are the things that I don’t want to lose and the things that I need to care more about.

There you have it
Sass and Sparkle – The Raw Edition.

It won’t be all fun and happy all the time
But it will be real and from my heart


1 thought on “Sparkle and Sass – The Raw Edition”

  1. Shelly, you are one of the humblest people I know. You have so much to offer. Just don’t let yourself burn out.


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