Mini is the new BIG

This weekend is what I am calling my mini book tour. I’m totally cool with a mini tour. Mini is “in” right now. The mini ipad, mini-cupcakes, the mini chicken sandwich at Tim Hortons, the mini-cheeseburger – just to name a few. Mini is the new big.

Someday in my dreams, I would love to do a big gigantic book tour. That’s like the ultimate day dream that I can get lost in for a good 1/2 hour. But dreams come in steps sometimes. So this weekend, I am super excited for my 3 bookings which make up my first mini tour.

My first step.

A morning at a local school reading to children (who are mini-sized), then a Friday night book signing at a Chapter’s in Kitchener, then a Saturday jaunt to Mississauga for an afternoon signing. I mean, for little old me, with my little book – that is pretty exciting. In fact, it’s actually pretty big to me in all it’s mini-ness!

I’m a little nervous (what else is new). My last book signing went really well – I had some great local support. But, at some point I am going to run out of family and friends (they can only buy so many books) so I gotta learn to work the crowds, pull them in – all that extroverted stuff that I am not REALLY that great at. BUT, I know it must be done.

So, I’ll put on my sassy pants and be ready to face the world. Mini book tour – here I come!

Big dreams start with Mini dreams

Mini is good.

1 thought on “Mini is the new BIG”

  1. Praying you will have a fabulous mini book tour!! May God fulfill all your mini dreams and turn them into big dreams! You are an inspiration…we all have dreams of course, but I’m sure alot of people (myself included) are afraid to step out and try to make their dreams come true. It is encouraging to see you doing just that! Know that we are all “cheering you on” đŸ™‚


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