Storytime Sass

I am really excited this month to be making a few school visits where I will be able to read Tini’s Tangles, and share my story with some children. Hopefully it will be the start of many visits like this! If you read a couple posts back – you’ll know I was inspired as a little girl by an author that came to my school.  To me, that is the most exciting part of this journey – being able to read my story to children! If somehow another child is inspired, that would make all of this worthwhile.

I’ve worked with kids for a long time, so I am totally comfortable interacting and being in front of large groups. I just wonder what I can do to bring that extra bit of sparkle & sass to my presentation? I do have my new beautifully bedazzled hair brush (thanks to my sassy sister in law Val). And my fun pink owl! Last week a friend mentioned that she has seen authors dressed up as a character from their book. And then my friend said that was dorky. So I won’t go that route. I’m not going for dork. I guess as long as I don’t get tied up in a corner with children throwing their lunch remains at me, I should be good.

I’ll just go as myself. Everything doesn’t have to be so razzle dazzle.

What’s better than just sitting and reading books with kids?

It’s pretty much the dream.

So I’ll take it.

1 thought on “Storytime Sass”

  1. So happy and proud of you for living out your dream….Great things are ahead for Tini, and all the other characters in that head of yours.

    Love you.


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