Thanks Todd and Ben. You’re Sassy.

I am super excited about tomorrow and having the opportunity to do a book signing at Indigo in Burlington! Especially since it’s the Indigo where I first started meeting with Todd Neilson (art designer of Tini) and things began coming together for this book! Tomorrow we will be there celebrating and sharing the book with people. So cool!

Todd is super talented friend of mine. He is likely the most creative guy I have ever met. Even his personality scream creativity – and he is so much fun to be around. He inspires fits of laughter. He’s super fashionable. Has great hair. Super cute family.  I knew when I started to get serious about this book, that he was the person that I wanted to bring the book alive. He also brought in the talents of Ben Reynolds (another super talented guy) to create the character of Tini.

I have to say, all my expectations were met. Todd is co-owner of Faduchi Group, and you need to check them out  They do some amazing work! You can check out Ben’s website and his creative work at

So blessed by the talents of both these guys!

So, come on out tomorrow – have a Starbucks and of course, hang out with us and Tini!

Rickety-Rackety Hair Brush Fun!

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