I waved at a book today.

I hung out with my book today.

I know. I’m really strange. It’s ok, I know this about myself. My family knows this. Sometimes, I just drift off into my own world. This makes me have conversations with myself. Act out scenarios. Pose for pretend photos. It’s a crazy imaginary world I live in. And I like it.

Today at work they were digging a huge hole outside my office. It was loud. Very loud. And scary. Very scary. The machinery was fueled by gas and I thought that I might pass out after a couple of hours. I was slightly also afraid that something was going to explode (like me). So I decided to go and work at the Indigo down the road until my afternoon meeting. The Starbucks inside was a definite draw, but there was something else pulling me.

Last week I went into that Indigo and for the first time, saw Tini’s Tangles on the shelf. I was so excited! It was one of those moments in this journey that I won’t forget. Today when I went in I headed right to the children’s section to pay her another visit. They moved her to a new feature shelf all by herself. I was very proud of her. Wearing her “local author” sticker.  I am doing a book signing there this weekend with my awesome illustrator/friend Todd Neilson, so they ordered some books in for the event.  So, I said hi to her and I went and got a coffee and did some work. I would look over occasionally and check in on her. She was doing good on her shelf.

Then, it was time for me to go. I walked by and I waved.

Then I realized how ridiculous I truly am. I waved goodbye to my book. Yikes.

But really. I feel like Tini is part of me. She’s out there right now in the big bookstore world all by herself. Trying to hold her own and get some attention. The least I can do is cheer her on, and go visit her. Make sure she is doing good. Straighten up her shelf and be sure she is getting taken care of. Let her know that I am there.

I know. I need help.

But inside that Indigo, is a little part of me

I waved at a book today. And I’m ok with that.

2 thoughts on “I waved at a book today.”

  1. I would not only have waved, but let people know all around me that I wrote that book. You should be very proud. I have told people about your book siging on Saturday. Hope you have a great turn-out!


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