Dream Sparkle….Thank you Ted Harrison

I feel like yesterday was a dream. Did I really have a party for my book? Did I really get to read something that has been inside my imaginary world to a group of children? Did I really see a post on facebook of a little boy reading my story?

When I was a little girl, Ted Harrison came to my school in Goderich, Ontario. I remember it like it was yesterday. I had to leave early that day and I was so upset because I wanted to get my book signed. It was called, “Children of the Yukon”. Just before I had to leave, I got my signed book. I don’t even think I got to meet him. But I had my precious book! I remember reading it over and over again, and it was one of my prized possessions. I still have it!

That moment many years ago sparked a dream in my young heart that continued my whole life. Not to be famous. Not to glorify or promote myself, or to sign books. The dream was to be a writer, share stories from my imagination (I have many more!) and maybe someday spark a dream in the life of another young person. To be able to influence and encourage dreams and talents is an amazing privilege.

Since yesterday I have had 3 invitations to visit local schools. I’m so honoured! When I go, I will be thinking of Ted Harrison and the little awkward girl with big glasses who he inspired so many years ago.

Thank you Ted!

Dreams come true.

2 thoughts on “Dream Sparkle….Thank you Ted Harrison”

  1. Hi Shelly
    I tried out your book. I gave one of the TINI books to ourJK\SK classes. Yesterday I was invited to read it to them. I went through the “Dress-up” box and found a wonderful wig, donned a huge cowboy hat……you can get a lot of Tini’s things under that hat.
    I am told the children were mesmerized…….I was too involved with Tini’s escapades!!!
    Thank you for giving them a special story time.


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