Cupcake Sass

It’s here! The long awaited book release week for Tini’s Tangles!

Saturday is the big book party! I am super excited, and super nervous all at once. I am really thankful for all the encouragement from my friends and family over the last couple weeks. Thanks to everyone who has ordered the book, and shared about it  – that is so helpful and appreciated! I’m looking forward to sharing the story of Tini with everyone, I think you will love her! I’m excited also for people to meet Todd Neilson, my friend and the amazing art designer of Tini’s Tangles – he brought her from paper to life! It’s going to be a fun afternoon.


Please come.

I’ve ordered a ridiculous amount of cupcakes. If there is one thing that I have learned from my event planning experience – I HATE running out of stuff. However, this fear causes me to sometimes over estimate (another downfall of the imaginary world of dreams I live in). So, I have large closets full of random items. But this time, at least it’s cupcakes. If you are going to over order something, why not cupcakes? Perhaps I will have many weeks of cupcake sharing ahead. I can freeze them. Bring them to work. Have them for birthdays for the rest of the year. Scrape off the icing and redecorate them for Christmas. Send them to school with the kids. The options are endless.


You could just come. Eat all the cupcakes. Prove that my estimating skills are not really that bad. Have a coffee. Listen to a cute book being read. Buy a book. Make some friends. Drink some punch.

That would be nice!

So, I hope to see you there!

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