Sassy Pants (literally)

This weekend I went away for a couple days with my two friends. We usually do an annual trek to the US to get some great deals and just have some girl time away. After checking into our Priceline hotel, which was kinda in the middle of nowhere, near a building that had recently been burned to the ground, across the street from a hotel with danger tape all around it – and then being greeted by a man in a bright green suit (HUH?), we decided to start shopping.

I had a mission on this trip. I wanted to find a cute outfit for the book release party (in less than 2 weeks) Let’s just say – I don’t really know where I fit anymore in the style spectrum. Not that I give it alot of thought. But when you are looking for something specific- it’s right there – in your face! How sassy is too sassy when you are my age? The new style this fall is flowered pants. Everywhere I went. Roses, Daisies, Sunflowers. I gotta say, I was tempted. Those flower pants were definitely pulling me in. But I don’t know, can I pull off the flowered pants? Then, I thought I’d try on a few things from the new Jennifer Lopez collection. Um. Yah. Not gonna happen. Sorry JLo, not sure who is going to be able to wear those threads. Not this girl!

I’m stuck in the middle. I’m not ready (or willing) to try polyester pants. But, I definitely can’t pull off some of the clothes I see in the stores that I formally classified as my favourites. I guess they call it Forever 21 for a reason. I just thought it was to encourage me.  I don’t know. Maybe it’s time to switch to sporty. I mean, anyone can wear yoga pants right? Or maybe it’s time to take my fav look from home (pj pants and a hoodie) and hit the streets. I see people shopping all the time in their pj pants. Surely I can pull that off without losing my self dignity….

I know there are a alot of serious things going on in the world, and my fashion crisis is definitely not that important in the grand scheme of life.

But it’s a sad day indeed when you sadly realize you no longer can pull off sassy pants.

But, I’m warning you. The young rebel in me doesn’t give up too easy.

I’ll likely try.

6 thoughts on “Sassy Pants (literally)”

  1. Go for it Shelly. I love your style. It’s called “The Triple S brand” Have you not heard about it? Sassy-Shelly Shique……Style for the individual with Pzsass.
    Hope you find what is special to you.


  2. I love this post – definitely don’t go polyester! I was way past 50 before i resorted to THAT. You are just young enough and cute enough to go sassy in skinny pants – old navy is offering every colour of the rainbow – that is def something you could have fun with – pink skinny pants with Manitobah Mukluks! Love you cutey – you can wear anything – mostly what everyone loves about you is you! Whatever you have on, its what’s in that makes you so much fun 🙂


  3. So funny, Shelly!! Your mom and I saw “sassy pants” in Florida too….I had no idea! I say go for it….what’s the worst that can happen?! You incorporate them into a big, flowery halloween costume 🙂 Definitely agree with you though….so tempting, but not sure I can pull off the flower pants either!! LOL Oh to be Forever 21!!


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