Nothing to lose….

This has been a very eventful week. My head is spinning a little bit – to be honest. First, I got my big (to me) shipment of books in (where do you store 400 books?). Then, Tini’s Tangles went up on Chapters/Indigo and Amazon – very exciting! I also arranged some book release signings at bookstores – and I mailed out some book packages to different people (I’d tell you who but it’s embarrassing. I am sure the lady at the post office thought I was delusional. I figure I might as well shoot for the stars…..nothing to lose but postage)
Through all this – I have been experiencing a sudden onset of fear and nerves! It’s kinda crazy. I’ve been working on this book for years and now that it’s done, I’m so nervous for people to see it. My mom tells me to be confident and believe in myself (thanks mom), and I’m generally not afraid to dream big. So, I am stepping out in faith. But there is always that little bit of insecurity when you are putting yourself out there for everyone to see – and to judge. Will they like my work? Will they like me? Who do I think I am? These are the questions that run through the crazy state of my present mind.
But, I press on. I have no choice. I have 400 books in the basement, 40 big sticky envelopes and a world that I want to take by storm.

So, here’s to the days ahead!!

Nothing to lose!

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