I saw a post on social media recently that made me want to make a life change. This happens a lot. I see something that looks amazing, and I think, “I need to be that.” Sometimes I even try. But usually, I just end up feeling inadequate and perhaps a little ridiculous. (ie. a food blogging-jewellery maker who forages in the forest, running a fruit and vegetable stand on the side of the road with all her cupboards organized by colour.)

I’ve written before about knowing who you are. And I think that is really important.

I’m all about walking in identity, gifts and calling.

I’m passionate about dreaming and taking chances and trying new things.

But also.

I’m learning that it’s ok to know what I’m not.

That’s right. 

Finally, after all these years I can finally admit that I don’t have to be great at everything. 

I want to be vegan and super-healthy and eat all the granolas. But I love cheese and my lattes with milk. So what’s a girl gonna do? This girl will choose cheese. Every time.

I attempt to make beautiful dinners that will impress, but honestly – my speciality is taco bowls. And, every time I make taco bowls, I’m told the rice is hard and I should follow the directions. (Also, I’ll never do that. It’s rice people. Rice.)

I’d love to debut some of my pinned Pinterest outfits, but I need to be comfy. I pull myself together for work as needed, but last night I went for a walk in our neighbourhood in my favourite ripped leggings that are about to disintegrate. (And I’m sorry Pinterest, you can’t wear a shawl 20 ways.)

I dream of renovating homes and covering them with shiplap and subway tiles and all the pretty things, and then selling them at a ridiculous profit. But I can’t measure, and I’m not very patient with detail work. So, there goes that.

I see all the succesful authors with all the hustle, so I NEED TO HUSTLE TOO. I try to create super-amazing instagram stories, with captivating content – complete with age-defying filters that don’t leave me frantically worried that I need emergency plastic surgery and hair extensions. But the endless cycle of self-promotion makes me feel so uncomfortable and I just can’t keep it up. (Also, is there no good lighting anywhere around me????)

These are just a few things that I am not.

I am not a “gourmet rice-cooking, super-stylish, wrinkle-free vegan with perfect hair extensions who installs shiplap on old houses and has all her Instagram stories sponsored as she opens her samples from fabulous make-up companies” kind of girl.

Definitely not me.

And it’s ok.

I’m not discouraged, let down or left feeling defeated anymore.

In fact, I feel the opposite.

Confidence comes from knowing who you are, but freedom comes from knowing what you’re not.

I don’t focus on what I’m not, I walk in the truth of who I am.

We all have that truth. You don’t have to be like everyone else. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. That truth can set you free.

You are you.

Made for the things that only YOU can bring. That’s pretty amazing. So take the pressure off and live the life that has been set before you. The days that have been written and ordained for your life. Don’t get focussed on being anything other than who you have been created to be.

He tells you who you are.

He says you are enough.

Leave the other distractions and voices that don’t fit behind you. Let your decisions be guided by your strengths. Pursue what matters to you and what makes you feel inspired – and do those things.

Knock them out of the park.  

Keep dreaming and trying.

That’s always important.

But if something doesn’t fit,

You’re free to move on.

Know what you’re not.

I’m still going to keep writing, pin cute Pinterest outfits and love home design and cooking. Those are all things that make me happy.

But if my rice is crunchy, my leggings ripped and my house not perfect,

I’m ok with that too.