In case you haven’t looked at Instagram or Facebook in the last couple days – a new season is approaching. (Cue the cozy hoodies and pumpkin spice everything please!)

I think everyone will agree that this has been the strangest summer in history. For me, I went back to work in July after the pandemic lay-off, and not able to take a usual  “summer vacation”, or whatever version of that is normal now. We decided to live it up as much as we could in spite of that on our weekends – so I can look back with a full heart to lazy river tube rides, backyard movies with besties, beach days, game nights, charcuterie gatherings, flower sunset walks, patio dinners and cozy family bonfires. It’s been a strangely-beautiful summer for many reasons.

And now, it’s time for the season to change again.

Today I put my shrivelling plants out of their misery (they had a good run) and I moved all my shorts to the “see you next time” drawer (I hated my shorts this year so that made me happy).

I’m ready for change. Besides, who doesn’t love fall? Not just because of long brown boots, cozy sweaters and apple-picking – but fall is really the real start of a new year in my mind.

September New Year.

As one of my favourite author’s Jon Acuff would say, “September is the new January.”

September New Year is way better than January. It’s still light out at night, the days are fresh and reminders of summer still linger as you move ahead.

It’s the perfect mix of the season of rest, coming into the season of launch.

And even though the last thing I want to do is think about anything else changing in my life right now, I’m always up for a new season. And this year? I think the whole world would agree.

September is the time for new things.

No getting stuck.

Fall means go.

Stopping isn’t an option.

So, here are a few simple ideas to help launch September New Year.

Set goals. I always set 3 new goals just before September starts, as do my kids and hubby (we did this today at our day-off breakfast – mainly because I made them). I write our goals down in the notes app on my phone, and during the year at different times I text them out to everyone, or just go back and remind myself of my own. Writing out and speaking out goals is good practice. It helps get things anchored in your heart. Take some time this week to write down a few fall dreams. It’s a great way to start a new season.

Make space. It sounds ridiculous but even just organizing and cleaning up your space can make room in your mind. Today I tackled the yard, and later tonight I might take on the fridge (all the summer “sauces” are stressing me out). The simple act of cleaning things up, and clearing things out makes me feel like I can face the world. I have enough crazy going on in my brain without having to look at 5 kinds of half-used mayo in the fridge door. Take a look around you today and make some physical room so that you can mentally breathe.

Seek and reflect. This is a simple, yet important part of September New Year for me. I can set all the goals I want, but I know that I can’t live my season without God guiding me. So I pray for faithfulness in my life for everything I’ve been given, and ask for strength and grace for the days ahead. In spite of all my dreams, rainbows, and sprinkles – I’m walking through things that I know are going to get harder. We don’t know what each day brings and I don’t want to face any of those days – no matter how many goals I set or how much space I make – by myself.

September means go, and it doesn’t have to be hard. 

I’m still a little thrown off by the “spring and summer of pandemic living” but I’m excited to step into another September New Year.

Moving forward, with the light and learnings of the last season still lingering.

What are you excited for this September?

Set goals, make space and connect.

There are great days ahead.