Usually new is where it’s at for me. I love change and grabbing onto the next fresh and shiny adventure.

Hi! I’m an enneagram 7, but a quieter one that doesn’t like to be the centre of attention at parties.

Basically, I’m like a pack of puppies. 

One minute out in a field, running and chasing a ball having the best adventure of life. Then, a butterfly lazily flutters by, and let’s go! Off to the next amazing quest. I mean chasing a butterfly is pretty awesome. Oh, look there’s a bird! That bird is everything I’ve ever needed! 

And so it goes.

On and on. 

Going after one thing wholeheartedly until the next best thing walks (or flies) on by.

Such is the puppy life. (I don’t even have a puppy. I’m not even really a dog person because they chase me and try to bite my face.) I love new adventures, ideas, dreaming, chasing butterflies, unicorns, following pretty birds and all that fun stuff. Sometimes I go after one thing, then something else comes along and I do a complete 180 and I’m off to the next chase.

In hindsight, I see now that in the pursuit of the new – I have had times when I’ve missed what’s been right in front of me

I was recently asked if I was under-challenged or easily bored when it comes to the changes I make in my life. Say what? It was a very insightful question that caused me to take a deep look internally. It’s been a pattern for a long time and while I don’t doubt the paths I’ve taken and the callings I’ve followed – I know that there is value in being still. To focus, dig in, do the hard things, face the challenges, fight the fear and see the path through.

Chasing is fun.

Building is harder. 

And these are the words I say now, to myself.

Every day.

Maybe you need to say them too.

“DO YOUR WORK. You’re not a puppy.”


  • Stop looking at everyone else. It’s good to be inspired and learn from other people, but when you spend your days obsessed with everything everyone else is doing and comparing that to your own journey – you will end up feeling inadequate. What you do is important, keep your eyes on your own page. Stay in your own lane. You have a job to do, do it. 
  • Don’t always be searching for the next great thing.  Put everything you have into making where you are the current best thing. Kick up the awesome of now. That’s actually where you are, so make today great. There will always be more, but love the present and live it well. 
  • In your dreaming don’t miss your living. Dreamers are some of the best people around. But don’t dream so much that reality is something that feels beneath you. Ground your hopes and aspirations in the way that you live your life. Lead, care, show kindness, live out compassion, and model faithfulness as the groundwork of authentic living. Dreaming up a life of awesome when you can’t be bothered to live a life of love is hollow.
  • Be faithful. Faithfulness can sound boring and dull. Not a word for a dreamer. But imagine a world where faithfulness reigned – in relationships, commitments, work ethic, promises. Our world would be transformed. In everything you do, do it with all your heart and pour everything you have into your moments. Don’t cheat the present. Let your life shine of faithfulness. Make it part of your legacy.  

Imagine if we all just did our work?

Each of us.

Making everywhere and everything places of faithfulness.

Being the best in our present, setting the stage for the future. 

Keep chasing the butterflies and looking at the pretty birds,

But don’t forget what you’re holding in your hands. 


Get things done, little puppy.