A couple weeks ago I met up with a friend for a few minutes in passing and during our short conversation about change, transitions and life she said something really profound that I have been thinking about ever since.

No time is ever wasted.

She dropped a truth bomb on me.

It’s a little odd – but for an unstructured person, I think a lot about time.

Sometimes, I look back on past seasons and experiences and try to precisely measure and quantify my life. I sort and assess and start to place values on different times. I usually end up discouraged and make an extra-dramatic statement like, “What am I even doing with my life?” (I’ve noticed no one answers anymore, they just tell me to chill.)

And don’t even talk to me about the current season.

Looking back at the end of the week and seeing where time has been spent always makes it feel like nothing has been accomplished. Then a quick glance at the past month and trying to measure it all out, makes it appear to have gone by with nothing to show. But I know important things have happened. Progress has been made. Moments have been lived. There has been time well spent. And while of course there are things we do that are time wasters (hello Netflix!), I think my friend was right.

No time is ever wasted or in vain.

We are made up of our experiences. Even the parts of our lives that we don’t understand, that are hard and make no sense have purpose. Why? Because we are always learning through everything that we go through, and we measure those seasons by time.

The good and the bad.

The joy and the pain.

The quick answers and the slow journeys to the next right thing.

No time is wasted because we live our lives through each moment and each moment matters.

Because our lives matters. 

Time is a valuable teacher – even if we have to wait and force ourselves to turn around and see what we learned. Don’t be afraid to do that, look back through your seasons and see if purpose can be found in hindsight – even if it looks blurry.

So while I wait on things, I’ve decided to change my perspective.

Time sitting in car picking up kids.

Sitting quietly and offering presence to others.

Waiting for the next opportunity.

Finding place in community.

Navigating and building relationships.

Supermarket lines, traffic jams, cookies in the oven, flowers starting to bloom, pain subsiding, bravery building, courage rising, insecurity defeating.

Everything with purpose takes time. 

Even time lost, represents time that was. 

I’ve decided in the seasons of gap where it feels like there’s no clear path or road and when I can’t see everything laid out in front of me in a nice, neat map that I’ll be ok.

A journey isn’t always understood until you take a pause and look back.

So, keep moving forward through wherever you are now.

No time is ever wasted.