I’m not very good at waiting. I always take things out of the oven too soon, I occasionally wear damp jeans because the dryer cycle is always longer than I like and just the other night I put the steaming dishes away from the dishwasher before they were completely cooled down. (I slightly scorched my fingertips!) Sometimes the pasta is el dente, my tongue burned because the coffee was too hot and my footprints can be seen over a freshly-washed floor.

Waiting is not my favourite.

Waiting for the next steps, the next relationship, the next event, the next opportunity, the next stage, the next idea, the next day off, the next result, the next paycheck, the next night out and the list goes on.

Sometimes life feels like a giant waiting room. Staring and waiting for the door to open up and for our name to be called. The clock keeps ticking louder and louder as we sit for what seems longer and longer.

Always waiting for what’s next.

For me, waiting has the potential to stop every area of my productivity. It puts me in a holding pattern, unable to move forward until I know all possible outcomes. I stare at blank screens, I refresh my inbox for what seems like hours and I feel like I’ve hit a creative dead end. Every part of me wants to curl up under my cozy duvet and pause life until I know what’s going to happen next.

Waiting is not my favourite and when I wait poorly, I lose valuable traction and progress in all areas of my life.

But what if waiting is part of the bigger picture?

What if waiting is actually good?

When you wait, you learn to trust.

When you wait, you grow in diligence.

When you wait, you value what you have.

When you wait, you move ahead despite how you feel.

While it doesn’t seem like it, waiting seasons can be the place where you walk out the steps you need for the very thing you are waiting for.

I see waiting all around me.

Desires, dreams and plans floating everywhere, and beautiful passionate people trying to grasp onto those strings of hope before they blow away in the wind. Holding their breath, afraid to exhale and worried in their waiting. Believing for love, blessing, healing, opportunity, acceptance, reconciliation, direction, miracles and countless other hopes and dreams near and dear to their beating hearts. So afraid that they’ve been forgotten and what they’ve been waiting for is passing them by.

Don’t be afraid.

You haven’t been forgotten.

Your name is known.

Don’t give up.

Keep waiting, and don’t let waiting waste you away. Be present in the season that you are in, so that you can walk ready into the one that is ahead.

Be strong and take heart 

and wait.

Renew your strength.

Don’t get tired. 

Choose joy in your waiting.

Don’t be afraid to wait, for what you’re waiting for.