A few weeks ago, I was invited to do something I had never done before that involved some minimal speaking. My first instinct was to say no, because I’m a big chicken-scardy-cat that way, but before I could overthink it and come up with 100 reasons why I wasn’t qualified or the right person, I accepted the invite.

I’m generally pretty comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people, it’s part of my job and I usually do it with ease. But this was new. This was different. This was for something I had never done before. In a place I had never been before, in front of complete strangers. (why are strangers so scary?)

But, I had said yes.

That darn word that I try to stay committed too.

So off I went. Sweaty and clammy with butterflies in my stomach.  

I got through the night, did my part and came out unscathed and felt ok about my attempt.

Except for one thing.

My voice.

It shook. 

I hate when shaky voice pops up. It took me years to overcome, but in extreme circumstances there it is again. It’s when you lose your breath, and the words come too fast. All of a sudden you’re gasping for air with your heart pounding, in front of a group of strangers.

All staring at you.

Who asked her to do this?


You are terrified and nervous and the whole world knows.

I hate my shaky voice.

After beating myself up for a couple days, I had another thought pop into my head. (since I’m trying to be more positive and grow through my experiences and all.)

 My voice would never have shook if I hadn’t done something new.

A shaky voice is better than no voice at all.

Silence isn’t being brave. 

Most of the time we’d all pick silence. We’re afraid to do new things, stand up beside our dreams and say yes when we’d rather be at home in our cozy pyjamas watching Netflix.

No is easy. Yes is a risk.

No feels comfortable. Yes makes us shake.

But shaking is good.

We all could use a little shaking.

Maybe it’s time for all of us, with our trembling voices and big dreams to start stepping up. To share our mind in love, to walk into new things, to declare truths and raise our voices in hope.

Gasping to get air, and at the same time being grateful that we have the opportunity to speak. 

Not just in front of crowds. 

But in all the places where voices are heard. 

Start doing things that makes your voice shake.

Reach out to someone. Share your dreams in front of other people. Have the confidence to meet new people and try new things. Walk into a room that makes you feel nervous. Be a voice for those who have none. Use your voice for good. Build others up, show love and kindness and be an unusual sound in this world.

Just speak. 

Speak even if your voice shakes.

Because the only thing worse than a shaky voice, is to have no voice at all. 

You might tremble.

Lose your breath.

That’s ok.

Keep being brave.

The world needs you.

Even if it means you shake.