It was simply the perfect sort of morning. Sunbeams peeked in happily through the windows, the birds sang a good-morning song, and cotton ball clouds passed lazily through the crystal blue sky.

Mama Dumpling slowly opened her eyes and stretched her arms out from side to side.  “I think today is going to be the most wonderful sort of day,” she said. Mama Dumpling loved the start of a new day – full of all sorts of adventures and possibilities.  She sat up, “Well, time to go and wake my little dumplings.”

Mama Dumpling threw back the covers. She put one foot on the floor. Suddenly she realized what she had done. She gasped. “Oh no! How could I forget? I just got up on the WRONG SIDE OF THE BED!”

As she quickly pulled her foot back up to try to fix what she had done, Mama Dumpling’s other foot caught in the bed sheets. She lost her balance, slipping and sliding in a big pile of poufy pillows and fluffy blankets, until she finally rolled off the edge of the bed. Mama Dumpling hit the ground with a thump.

“Ow!” she yelped.

She pulled herself up as she untangled herself from the sheets. “Silly me,” she complained. “What a terrible way to start my morning.” Mama Dumpling frowned. Suddenly, the sunbeams slipped behind a cloud, and the birds stopped twittering. She was afraid that this was now going to be a WRONG SIDE OF THE BED kind of day.

“Well, I’d better go and get the little dumplings up,” said Mama Dumpling, suddenly feeling very grumpy. “I hope they behave today and don’t give me any trouble.”

But the little dumplings were already up. When Noah Dumpling heard his mama fall, it startled him and he jumped out of his bed, wondering what had happened. His jumping woke Hannah Dumpling, who flew out onto the floor, just missing her baby cry-a-lot crib. Then, little Kaite Dumpling rolled onto the floor from her bed like an apple falling out of a basket.

When Mama Dumpling came into their room, she stopped in her tracks. “Oh no!” she cried. In all the confusion, all the little dumplings had gotten up on the WRONG SIDE OF THE BED too.

At that moment, she knew it was going to be a WRONG SIDE OF THE BED kind of day.

And what a day it was.

Noah Dumpling who was normally very kind and helpful in his family took on a very bad attitude. Anytime anyone would ask him to do something, or go near him, he would say a few biting words and then run off to his bedroom and hide in the closet. Sweet little Hannah Dumpling who was always smiling and doing as she was told, began growling and stomping around, daring you to test her. And even little Kaite Dumpling who usually was happy to sit and play with her toys, started whining and crying and pitter-pattering around, looking for some attention and causing mischief all at once.

This went on for the whole day. Little dumplings all over the place. Loud voices, arguments, tears and all those things that makes for very un-wonderful days. Poor Mama Dumpling was in the middle of all this WRONG SIDE OF THE BED chaos. Not only did it affect her own attitude – she also had to deal with all the grumbling, complaining, and shenanigans of the little dumplings as well.

Before long, it was the WRONG SIDE OF THE BED circus!

The little dumplings were like acrobats soaring through the air from one end of the house to the other. Next, they turned into clowns juggling anything they could get their hands on, throwing things around like they were trying to win a carnival prize. Then, they would pretend they were giant elephants stomping, shaking and rattling the whole house until it sounded like it was going to fall down. Poor Mama Dumpling was the out-of-sorts ringmaster! Trying to get the circus back under control.

It was a very long day.

Finally, Papa Dumpling came home. He had gotten up long before the rest of the dumplings that morning, and he had NOT gotten up on the WRONG SIDE OF THE BED. When Papa Dumpling opened the door, he could not believe his eyes. It looked like someone had turned the house upside-down and inside-out. As he walked around, he noticed that his normally sweet family of dumplings were an exhausted mess. When he saw Mama Dumpling sitting in the middle of the floor covered in a pile of clothes, toys and snacks – he knew right away what had happened.

Mama Dumpling looked at Papa.

“You know what we need to do,” she said in a weary voice.

After giving all the little dumplings a very BIG hug, Papa Dumpling went out to the workshop and got a VERY large hammer and some VERY large nails. All the dumplings followed Papa into their bedroom, where Papa pulled all three beds against the walls.

“What are you doing, Papa?” asked Hannah Dumpling.

“Well, I am going to make sure that you NEVER wake up on the WRONG SIDE OF THE BED again,” declared Papa Dumpling. “Come and give me a hand”. Bam! Bam! Bam! With the hammer and nails, Papa Dumpling and Hannah Dumpling fastened all the beds to the walls.

“Now there is only one side of the bed to get out of, the RIGHT SIDE OF THE BED!” cried Hannah Dumpling. She clapped her hands with delight. Kaite Dumpling giggled and squealed. Noah Dumpling even started to crack a smile.

“Come, Mama Dumpling,” said Papa. “I will fasten our bed to the wall too.” Mama Dumpling cried with happiness as she realized she would never have to endure another day like this one. Soon she was smiling and dancing around the room with all her little dumplings, celebrating the end of their day and knowing that tomorrow would be very different!

That night, after Papa and all the little dumplings helped Mama clean up the house, and when all the little dumplings were finally tucked snug into their beds and sleeping soundly after their WRONG SIDE OF THE BED day, Mama began to drift off to sleep, in her bed that had also been nailed to the wall.

She dreamt that she took her little dumplings to the most wonderful circus filled with cotton candy, balloons, tightrope walkers and ponies. And most importantly, they were all so happy having the MOST wonderful sort of day which is what happens when little dumplings DON’T wake up on the WRONG SIDE OF THE BED.