How to Shine Blog

Tomorrow for a Christmas picture at work, I have to decide what brings me joy. Someone already picked family, so I can’t use that. (I need to be original) So, I was trying to come up with something else. Coffee is too lame, and “unique cheese boards” would make me look weird. 

So, I was thinking.

What about sparkle?

Would that work?

Sparkle DOES brings me joy. (Office picture problem solved) 

It sounds a little frivolous but I love sparkly things. If sparkle was a colour, it would be my favourite. If sparkle was a job, I’d do it. If sparkle was a place, I’d go there on vacation. If it were socially acceptable for me, in this stage of my life, to wear sparkle from head to toe – I would. 


I especially love sparkly light that shines while I’m in the dark. In pretty much every room of our house during the holidays, I have something that lights up. I’d never just go sit in a dark room for no reason, but put a little light in there and soon it’s my favourite place. 

I’m drawn to light in darkness.

Beauty doesn’t shine in the dark, but light brings beauty to dark places.

I’ll be honest though, if I look around me it sometimes feels as though darkness is overcoming. It gets discouraging and often there is fear, pain, worry and hopelessness. Its like we’re all sitting in a big dark room, and we need some life to illuminate through. We can’t shuffle blindly for much longer, trying to find our way in the night. We’re getting too battered and bruised up.

We need help. 

We need light in dark places.

The light that shines through, is the light that we long to see.

The light we need to see. 

So, be that light.

Love others who don’t show love to you.

Forgive people who have hurt you. 

Let go of bitterness and replace it with peace.

Encourage those who are in pain. 

Extend grace when you least feel like it. 

You can help shine the greatest light this Christmas. 

I can’t help but remember what came out of the darkness when the world first began. God-spoken light. And later, a baby who carried that light.

The true light that gives light. 

In times of darkness He can shine through us as we serve, as we accept each other, as we open our arms in welcome, as we give to see change, as we speak words of love, as we live out kindness and as we work together to see light fill our world. 


Sparkle away. 

Let your life be a message board for light. 

Darkness won’t win.

Light shines bright.