IMG_6133I’ve sat and wondered often over the last few days, if ordinary love-filled people can do extraordinary things in a world filled with hate. Hate that takes my breath away in a suffocating manner. Hate that makes my heart hurt and fear for the future.

I wonder if a small voice of hope can be heard in a loud, messy world.

I wonder if we can move past our judgements and prejudice.

Accept, love and reconcile. 

I struggle as I sit in my comfortable home, knowing that I can never fully understand all the issues or have all the answers.

But what I do know is love.

A perfect love that casts out fear.

Because what else can you do but think of ways to love, when you feel the heaviness of darkness? What else can bring hope to a messed up world?  

The greatest is love.

Simple. True. 

There’s will never be perfection, because we don’t live in a perfect world. But that doesn’t mean that we give up. It doesn’t mean that we settle. We can raise the bar. We can be brave and stand up for what is right. We can strive for better. 

We must be better. 

Let’s start by looking outside our own comforts, experiences and assumptions. Let’s purposefully love. Our neighbours, colleagues, friends, leaders, strangers, family.  

Those we cross paths with on the street.

Those we might not understand.

Those who might not understand us. 

The world will continue to be fuelled by hate, unless we pursue love.

So let’s try this, let’s love abundantly in the weeks ahead. Let’s fill the corners where we live with hope, changing the climate through the way we live.


  • Look for ways to give without expecting anything in return
  • Slow down and be generous with our time 
  • Connect with someone who needs encouragement 
  • Put our phones away and be present
  • Do something for someone that is out of our comfort zone
  • Listen and learn, instead of the argue and debate
  • Show forgiveness, even if we’ve been wronged
  • Accept those who are different than us
  • Pursue reconciliation in strained relationships
  • Serve without restraint in both the big and the small

Be love. Live love. Speak love.

Be a channel, a conductor, a link, a voice.

The world is messy.

It’s big.

But love combined is no small thing. 

If we want the world to be a better place, let’s all be better people. 

Because there is nothing better to do than love.





Making “the way we love each other” great again.