Shelly Calcagno-3

“So, what’s your personal vision statement?”

This was a question that one of my past mentors would ask me. He would actually ask everyone on our team, and it sometimes drove me a little crazy.

I couldn’t nail it down. What was I all about? It was too hard to figure out, I loved a little bit of everything and a new passion could emerge in a heartbeat.

So coming up with a sentence defining my goals and focus?

That would just put me in a box.

I don’t like boxes.

I like wide open spaces of pretty flowers, cotton candy and unicorns. 

Yet, there was my mentor. His personal vision statement written out in places where he could see it every day.  I watched as that sentence helped him make decisions, it guarded his family time, it created disciplines and ultimately led him to be the great leader that he was. He knew what he was all about and he lived his life with that intentional vision and had great impact on the lives around him.

What seemed like a box, was actually permission to live within strategic self-placed fences. 

What sounded like restraint was actually freedom. 

Fast forward a few years and some growth, seeking, maturity and experience (I’m currently still on a unicorn kick…) and I’ve finally nailed down what I want my life to be about. Faith always comes first, everything flows from that foundation and after that, I’ve found my three words that I write at the top of my pages. Three words that guide what I say yes to, and where I want my impact to be –




As much as I love these words, and have seen them grow this past year as I have developed them, dreamt up some ideas, and started to place intentional focus in these areas, I still wanted a sentence. Then one day it came to me. I created my personal vision statement (which grammatically isn’t really a complete sentence, but oh well. I’m living in fences not boxes…) and I doodle it wherever I can as I dream about the future.

This Creative Life.

My new little brand.

My fresh new logo I made myself in Canva (because that’s what you do when you have to keep moving ahead and you are your own marketing team.)

Creativity is at the core of all that I want to do, and who I want to be. I use it to solve problems, embrace it to cast vision. I want it to flow through all my passions and purpose. Use it to shape my leadership, my relationships and the way my life shouts love. It inspires me and moves me, and pushes me to love the world around me in ways that I haven’t even considered before.

I don’t just want a pretty creative Pinterest board with all perfectly matching colour schemes and spot-on branding (that usually leaves me feeling inadequate). I want to live a life inspired by creativity that spills out into the other areas where my heart is.

I am a creation of my Maker. His fingerprints of creativity are all over my life.

This Creative Life.

The people we love, the legacy we want to leave.

It’s all part of our creative life, reflecting the image of our Maker.

Not just for pretty posts, but for lasting legacy.

So yah. I don’t really know how to build a brand, or grow a platform.

I’m just going to keep going, keep living.

Writing down on the top of my pages a sentence that will guide my life.

This Creative Life. 

I hope you find your sentence too.

To write

At the top of all your pages.